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If you're an avid golfer or someone captivated by the allure of the golf industry, you might wonder how to turn your passion into a profitable investment venture. Golf has evolved from a leisurely sport into a lucrative investment opportunity.

While most people associate golf with playing on beautiful courses or watching professional tournaments, the sport's potential financial benefits are worth considering.

There are different ways that people are considering investing in the monetary business, including Golf stocks and franchises.

If you are also looking for an opportunity and can’t seem to understand how to invest in Golf, this guide is for you.

Different Ways To Invest In Golf

There are several different ways to invest in Golf. We have discussed some of the most popular options here.

Golf Stocks

Investing in golf stocks involves purchasing shares of publicly traded companies involved in the golf industry. These companies can include golf equipment manufacturers, golf course operators, golf apparel brands, and more.

By investing in these stocks, you can potentially become a partial company owner and benefit from its financial performance.

The company's success and the golf industry's growth can lead to an increase in the stock value and provide a significant return on your investment.

Examples of golf stocks:


GolfSuites venues provide an immersive golf entertainment experience encompassing a comprehensive approach to improving your game.

These venues feature a spacious driving range spanning over 250 yards, simulated green areas, and challenging hazards.

Acushnet Holdings Corp.

Acushnet is a leading golf equipment and accessories manufacturer known for its Titleist golf balls, clubs, and gear brand.

Callaway Golf Company

Callaway Golf is a prominent golf equipment manufacturer that produces clubs, balls, and other golf accessories under its brand, TravisMathew, and OGIO.

Golf Real Estate

An investment in golf real estate means acquiring properties associated with golf, such as golf courses, resorts, or other real estate developments near golf courses. These investments offer the potential for income through membership fees, green fees, and other revenue streams generated by golf-related activities.

If the property value increases, golf real estate investments can also benefit from appreciation.

Examples of Golf real estate:

Golf Course Ownership

Purchasing a golf course or investing in a golf course development project can provide opportunities for revenue generation through membership fees, event hosting, and other related activities.

Golf Resort Investments

Investing in golf resorts allows you to own or have a stake in properties that offer golf courses, accommodations, dining, and leisure amenities. An example of such a place is Costa Del Sol.

Golf Franchises

When you invest in golf franchises, you become a franchisee of established golf-related businesses.

This could include indoor golf centers, golf training facilities, golf retail stores, or other golf-related service providers.

As a franchisee, you can benefit from the franchisor's brand recognition, support, and established business models.

Examples of Golf franchises:


Topgolf is a popular indoor golf entertainment franchise that combines golf, food, and drinks. Investing in a Topgolf franchise allows you to operate a high-tech driving range facility that caters to golfers of all skill levels.


GolfTEC is a leading provider of golf instruction, offering indoor lessons and training programs. As a Golftec franchisee, you can operate a training center with advanced technology and personalized instruction methods.

Investment in Golfers

Investing in golfers involves providing financial support to individual professional golfers in exchange for a share of their future earnings.

This type of investment typically occurs through partnerships. By investing in talented golfers, you can potentially benefit from their success and receive a portion of their prize money, endorsement deals, and other revenue streams.

Examples of golfers to consider for potential investment partnerships include emerging talents or established players who show promise in their performance and marketability. Luke Kwon is one such golfer that you can invest in.

However, you should remember that investing in individual athletes carries inherent risks and requires careful evaluation of the golfer's potential for success and long-term prospects.

Investment Requirements

The investment cost can vary greatly depending on the specific opportunity, location, market conditions, and individual circumstances.

Conduct thorough research and consult with financial advisors to assess any investment opportunity's risks and potential returns.

What are Low-Range Investments in Golf?

There are investment opportunities in golf that require a lower initial investment. These options are more accessible for individuals with limited capital or those looking for smaller-scale investments. Here are some examples:

  1. Golf Stocks

    You can purchase shares of these companies through brokerage accounts with low minimum deposit requirements. To invest in GolfSuites, you only need a minimum investment of $700.

  2. Investing in Golfers

    Investing in golfers is a low-cost option where investors can support aspiring golfers through platforms like Carry. By investing a minimum of $250, individuals have the opportunity to earn potential financial returns when the golfer wins tournaments.

What are High-Range Investments in Golf?

Certain investment opportunities in golf require higher entry investments. These options typically involve larger-scale projects or investments in established golf-related ventures. Here are some examples:

  1. Golf Course Franchise Ownership

    Purchasing an existing golf course or developing a new one can require a substantial investment. Costs may include land acquisition, course construction or renovation, maintenance equipment, and staffing. It generally requires millions of dollars.

  2. Golf Resort Investment

    Investing in a golf resort requires substantial capital, encompassing golf courses, accommodations, amenities, and infrastructure. Developing or acquiring a full-scale golf resort can be a high-cost venture.

  3. Golf Real Estate

    Golf Real Estate, such as purchasing properties near golf courses or investing in golf course communities, may require a significant upfront investment, especially in desirable locations.

How To Invest In GolfSuites?

A healthy investment option for anyone looking for an opportunity in Golf is GolfSuites.

Investing in GolfSuites presents a distinctive opportunity to enter a highly sought-after sector of "eatertainment" – entertainment centers that combine golf driving ranges with comprehensive sports-bar food and beverage offerings.

It is estimated that the United States has the potential to accommodate around 300 to 400 such entertainment centers, whereas currently, there are less than 100 in operation.

Potential Returns and Risks For Investing In GolfSuites

With a minimum investment of $700, you will receive an annual tax-deferred dividend, paid quarterly if you invest in GolfSuites. This is low initial finance required compared to other investment opportunities.

Callaway's acquisition of TopGolf for $3 billion demonstrates the high demand and investor appetite for disruptive golf entertainment concepts. As investors, you have an opportunity to capitalize on this enthusiasm and ride the wave of golf's growing popularity. By supporting GolfSuites, you position yourself to be part of a potential future acquisition that could bring substantial returns.

Potential Returns of Investing In GolfSuites

Following are some of the potential returns of investing in GolfSuites:

  • High Growth Potential
    The indoor golf industry is growing rapidly, and GolfSuites is a leader. The company plans to open several new areas in major cities across the United States, well-positioned to capture a notable share of this growing market.

  • Strong Management Team
    GolfSuites has a strong management team with a proven track record of success. The company's COO, Scott McCurry, has vast experience in the golf industry and a proven track record of building successful businesses. He has worked with top Golf companies in the United States, such as TopGolf where he served as the former director of operations.

  • Unique Business Model
    GolfSuites has a unique business model that is well-positioned to succeed. The company's hybrid golf facilities are designed to be more convenient and affordable than traditional golf courses. This makes them an attractive option for golfers of all levels.

How To Invest Through GolfSuites' Platform

Are you ready to invest in GolfSuites? Here are the steps on how to invest through GolfSuites' platform:

  1. Open a GolfSuites account using DealMaker. You can do this by visiting the GolfSuites website and clicking the "Invest Now" button.
    You will see a screen like this:
  2. Provide your personal information. This includes your name, address, email address, and phone number, among other information.

  3. Provide your investment information. This includes the amount you want to invest and the type of investment you want.

  4. Submit your investment. You can submit your investment once you have provided all the required information.

  5. Once your investment has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation. You can also track your investment in your GolfSuites account.


Investing in golf offers potential long-term returns, multiple revenue streams, global appeal, and lifestyle benefits.

However, market fluctuations should be considered. To identify the best investment opportunities, assess your goals and financial situation. Research the golf industry, evaluate potential investment options, and consider factors like the company's financial health, market trends, and competition.

Consult with financial advisors or experts in the golf industry to make informed decisions aligning with your investment goals and risk tolerance. Stay updated on industry news and developments to seize promising opportunities.

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Jun 26, 2023 11:46:38 AM